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Our Mission

Over the nearly 70 years since World War II, the U.S. economy has grown by nearly 3 ½ percent annually, adjusted for inflation. However over the past decade and a half under Republican and Democratic presidents, and Republican and Democratic Congresses, U.S. growth has sputtered to around 2%. This growth slump has damaged investment, employment, incomes, poverty, social mobility, family life, and above all lack of growth has damaged the American dream of opportunity for all.  The great American idea that you can come from humble background and rise to the top has been undermined.  And finally, as President Ronald Reagan taught us “weakness at home leads to weakness abroad”.  Unfortunately, American international leadership and influence has suffered in recent years proving the President Reagan’s analysis was completely correct.
Our mission is quite simple: 

We want to turn America around and restore American exceptionalism. 

We want provide new hope, growth and opportunity for everyone.

We believe this is the great challenge of our time.
Therefore in pursuit of rapid growth, we support the following principles:
1.)   Broad-based, low rate, flat tax 
2.)   Limited government spending
3.)   Lite regulation
4.)   Sound money
5.)   Free trade
6.)   Rule of Constitutional law

Those are our building blocks to restore American prosperity and greatness!