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Politics and Government

From, John Tamny criticizesTyler Cowen’s scary narrative about war and economic growth. 

At Fox News, Stephen Moore asksObama where our 5 million missing jobs.

In The Daily Signal, Stephen Moore saysenvironmentalists see U.S. workers as collateral damage.

From National Review, Larry Kudlow saysthe GOP should say no to the export-import bank.

John Tamny, Peter Ferrara and Brian Domtrovic in all criticize the “reform conservative” “Room to Grow” lack of seriousnes about economic growth:

Monetary Reform

In the South China Morning Post, Steve Hanke detailshow JB Say’s demand theory has finally gotten its due.

At, Ralph Benko seessigns of the gold standard emerging from Great Britain from Member of Parliament  Kwasi Kwarteng.

In The WSJ, John Taylor writesthe Fed needs to return to monetary rules.

From TGSN, Ralph Benko recapsAdam Smith’s indictment of colonial paper money.