Stephen Moore Explains Why the Senate Needs to Kill the Build Back Better Bill

Why the Senate should kill the Build Back Better bill

Stephen Moore

For those who believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the free enterprise system, Friday was one of the most ignominious days in the history of the House of Representatives. The House-passed Build Back Better bill was the fourth multi-trillion-dollar spending package that the Democratic-controlled chamber has enacted in just 12 months. 

Let us recount: First, in the last days of the Trump administration, the House approved a $1 trillion COVID relief bill. Then, in March, Congress approved a $1.9 trillion bill that mostly bailed out blue states which shut down their economies the year before during the pandemic. Then, last month, the House approved a $1.2 trillion sham infrastructure bill that is mostly subsidies for green-energy programs. And now we have the $2 trillion to $3 trillion social welfare/climate change bill.

Add this all up and you have $6 trillion to $7 trillion of spending — almost all of it being spent during an economic recovery. Oh, and that doesn’t even include the $5 trillion annual federal budget that will be approved next month. Altogether, Congress will have authorized more spending this year than the combined costs of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World Wars I and II, the intercontinental railroad, the interstate highway system, and the Apollo moon landing, adjusted for inflation. 

Why are we doing this?

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