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We Have Reached Terminal Liberalism: Lockdown Forever to Stop Global Warming

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #123

We’ve been warning from the start of the pandemic that the extraordinary powers handed to government to restrict people’s activities has been a trial run for the climate change extremists. Mazzucato is a trendy leftwing economist at University College London, but her views are not as wild as you might think. California just announced it will soon be banning cars with combustible engines – see below.

Dr. Paul KO’s Dr. Fauci

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #122

1) Dr. Paul KO’s Dr. Fauci

Dr. Rand Paul gave a near perfect recitation of the current facts and evidence: New York and New Jersey had the worst outcome in the entire world. The Swedish approach — light touch — was a fraction. The U.S. death rate overall is now worse than Sweden. Dr. Paul then went through a summary of the burgeoning literature on cross-reactive immunity.

Dr. Anthony “New York Did It Right” Fauci responded with either brazen dishonesty or shocking ignorance, praising New York again and saying: “If you believe 22% is herd immunity, I believe you’re alone in that.”

Of course, Dr. Paul is far from alone.

Dr. Fauci certainly has a right to disagree with scientific research from world-leading experts, whose papers have found herd immunity thresholds in the 15 to 25 percent range. But that would require acknowledging they exist and explaining why he disagrees; that’s science. What Fauci did was political grandstanding.

The best summary of the literature was published last week in the British Medical Journal, finding at least six studies showing significant cross-reactive immunity (which Fauci claimed doesn’t exist) and therefore low herd immunity thresholds:

Dr. Gabriela Gomes finds low herd immunity thresholds even without assuming cross-reactive immunity, simply from the heterogeneity of population mixing — in brief, the super spreaders who account for a large portion of personal contacts also have an outsize effect on community immunity once they are immune. Her model has been refined to fit actual empirical data, unlike the doomsday models Fauci clings to.

Here are two of her key papers:

And here are some other key papers on this issue:

That last one was funded by the agency Dr. Fauci runs, the NIH NIAID. Fauci did an extensive interview about it published on August 11 in which he admitted: “It’s sort of like a one-two punch. It’s conceivable that the T cells that you’ve made in response a couple of years ago — three, four, five years ago — when you were exposed to a relatively benign coronavirus that causes the common cold, could actually hang around, and when you’re exposed to the SARS-Coronavirus-2, could have some degree of protection.”

As for Sweden, these is no other explanation for its deaths and ICUs falling to near zero with no lockdowns and no masks except population immunity. Not to mention that Norway admitted its brief lockdown and school closures were based on panic not science and they wouldn’t do it again. All of the Nordics settled into a pretty Swedish approach after brief lockdowns.

Plus, we now have 3 “American Swedens” in Florida, Texas and Arizona where infections and hospitalizations went way up and came right back down with very light containment measures – outperforming New York and New Jersey handily.

All of this is not just an academic tiff. The left, led by Fauci, refuse, even eight months into this pandemic to concede that the “lockdowns” were a catastrophic mistake, not just economically, but from the perspective of health. They continue to lead nations like Australia, Canada, and the UK over a health and economic cliff.

2) Dr. Atlas Cleans Up Another Dr. Redfield Mess

And speaking of intellectual mismatches, White House health task force member Scott Atlas schooled CDC Director Robert Redfield on Wed. Redfield stepped in it again when he intentionally scared the bejesus out of Americans with his claim that upwards of 90 percent of Americans are still susceptible to COVID. As Dr. Atlas’ press briefing yesterday, that is based on old data and contradicts the most recent findings:

Dr. Atlas walked through the most current research on cross-reactive and T-cell immunity, explained that the CDC antibody data is in many places up to five months out of date, and recommended that the rude reporter from NBC who said “you’re not telling the science” take a look at the work of top scientists like Harvard’s Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Stanford’s Dr. John Ioannidis, and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, and the Oxford team led by Dr. Sunetra Gupta.

The snide comment from the NBCer was just the latest effort from the left to discredit Dr. Atlas. They hate that the president has an adviser giving him accurate fact-based analysis because it doesn’t fit their narrative that Trump is anti-science.

We previously reported on the attack on Dr. Atlas his own left-wing Stanford Medical Center colleagues. We should follow up to note that they were chastised by Provost Persis Drell Faculty Senate Chair Judith Goldstein for that stunt, noting it was “an inappropriate use of our official Academic Council email list” that was “not consistent with policy.” They noted that it “will not happen again.”

Biden: If It Moves, Tax it. If it Makes a Profit, Tax it. If it Dies, Tax It Again!

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #117

1) Biden: If It Moves, Tax it. If it Makes a Profit, Tax it. If it Dies, Tax It Again!

Joe Biden is promising that he will grow the economy, end the pandemic recession, and bring blue-collar jobs back to America with the biggest rise in tax rates in modern times – if not ever.  The plan would raise income tax rates to 52% – the highest levels since that economic wizard Jimmy Carter was in the White House. Small business owners, who have had a hellish time staying above water during the government-imposed lockdowns, would see their tax rate soar from about 29% to almost 40% if they dare start making a profit. Investment taxes would rise to as high as 40%. There is a new death tax of 40% on stock passed on from one generation to the next. We are confident that this plan will create millions of new jobs – in China, India, Mexico, and Russia.

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Record High Income and Low Poverty in 2019

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #116

1) Record High Income and Low Poverty in 2019

Real median household in 2019 increased $4,379 over 2018, 6.8%. More income growth in one year than in 8 years of Obama-Biden.

That’s the largest one-year increase in median income since the data has been kept.  Real median income grew by 7.9% for black Americans, 7.1% for Hispanic Americans, and 10.6% for Asian Americans. All record highs.

The poverty rate fell to a new record low of 10.5% in 2019. Over 4 million people were lifted out of poverty between 2018 and 2019 for a 1.3 percentage point decrease.

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Stop the Blue State Bailout!

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #115

1) Stop the Pelosi Blue State Bailout!

Our new report from Steve Moore and Dr. EJ Anton, published jointly by CTUP and FreedomWorks, was released on a great conference call we had yesterday with Dr. Art Laffer, Senators Braun and Scott, and key allies from the Save Our Country Coalition.

The key points are that a bailout would reward profligacy and unfairly punish taxpayers from states that have manged their finances responsibly. The report has lots of details.

Fox Business had a great segment on the event:

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Biden Would Force Millions of Workers into Unions

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #114

1) Biden Would Force Millions of Workers into Unions

The great Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Committee, has some unsettling news about Joe Biden’s radical labor agenda. He tells us he has never seen such a full-throttled assault on worker rights. Here is his list:

Overview of Biden Labor Proposals

  • Eliminate Right to Work – Prohibit RTW and override 27 state RTW laws, forcing millions of additional workers to pay union dues.
  • Government-Imposed Forced Dues Contracts
  • Expand forced unionism to independent contractors
  • Full Card Check – meaning no secret ballots for union elections
  • Mandatory Government Monopoly Bargaining –  for all state and local government workers.
  • Expand Forced Unionism for agriculture workers, domestic workers, and independent contractors (like Uber and Lyft drivers)
  • Ban permanent replacement workers of workers on strike
  • Effectively Blacklist Non-Union Government Contractors/Workers
  • Taxpayer Bailout of Bankrupt Union Pensions – through Butch-Lewis Act and similar proposals

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Unleash Prosperity Hotline Issue #107

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #107

1) Queen Nancy Breaks Lockdown Rules To Get Her Hair Done

We’ve often referred to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by the term some of her Democratic members bestow on her: “Queen Nancy.”

She certainly lived up to that branding on Monday when she visited a San Francisco salon to have her hair washed and blown-out. The problem is that local ordinances have shuttered salons in the city – at least for the “little people.”

Fox News obtained security footage that showed Pelosi strolling through the salon with wet hair and no mask. Her stylist doing her hair is seen following her in a black face mask.
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Too Many of the Wrong Tests and None of the Right

By Phil Kerpen

After an early bureaucratic disaster – the feds banned private sector tests and failed to deliver a test that worked – the U.S. has ramped up testing to astronomical levels, dwarfing the rest of the world and any historical comparison.  We average about 1.5 million tests per flu season, and we’ve now run over 57 million tests for SARS-CoV2.   But have all those tests delivered what proponents of mass testing promised?  Have they contained the spread and restored public confidence that infectious people are at home, not out and about?  Absolutely not.  In fact, by the time most test results are available, the people who were positive are no longer infectious.  The tests serve no actual infection control purpose.  And the tests that actually would make all the difference are still banned by the FDA.

The CDC reports that most infected people are no longer infectious six to ten days after symptom onset.  People with very severe disease can be infectious longer, up to 20 days — but people with severe disease aren’t waiting for a test result to find out if they are sick and self-isolate.  The CDC also reports, however, that even though they have never found live, infectious virus three weeks after symptom onset, the so-called gold standard PCR tests we have been using can show positive based on non-infectious viral debris for up to 12 weeks.  So the mass, industrial-scale testing we’re doing – with several days turnaround time – isn’t letting infectious people know they are positive quickly enough to alter their behavior.  And many of the positives are likely meaningless artifacts of months-old infections.  It feeds a mass public panic but accomplishes little else.

The tests that we actually need are instant tests that people could take themselves and get results in the morning, confidently going about their daily activities – work, school, leisure – knowing they are not infectious.  These tests, paper antigen tests, have been developed by a team at MIT that applied for FDA approval back in March.  There are several companies ready to mass produce them with FDA approval and unlike the PCR tests that cost around $100 per test, the paper antigen tests could cost as little as $2, making daily self-testing cost effective for most Americans.

In an astonishing display of government stupidity, the FDA’s objection to the paper antigen tests is based on precisely the characteristic that makes them vastly superior to the PCR tests – they are far less sensitive.  FDA has used the extreme sensitivity of the PCR tests as a benchmark and refused to issue emergency use authorizations for less sensitive tests.  But a test that is so sensitive that it picks up viral debris for months is not a useful tool to prevent infection.  A less sensitive test that is calibrated to show positive when a person is actually infectious is far more useful.  That makes the paper antigen tests not only cheaper and faster but better than the 57 million PCR tests that have become a national obsession.

From the beginning the FDA has made a total mess of testing.  Last week they finally introduced a new application for at-home testing.  They should approve applications from credible paper antigen test manufacturers as soon as possible – they really should have done it months ago.

***Just Do It Mr. President: Suspend the Payroll Tax***

The Phase 4 stimulus negotiations are a train wreck for GOP. There is no possible positive outcome. Except…this strategy could be a game-changer for the economy.

Our latest in today’s WSJ:

President Trump needs to reset the debate on the latest coronavirus relief bill. Senate Republicans have scuttled their best pro-growth idea—a payroll tax cut—and instead released a $1 trillion spending bill. Last week Mr. Trump acknowledged that compromising with Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a fool’s errand, because the House won’t agree to anything that boosts growth and job creation. The Democratic plan includes a six-month extension of the $600-a-week unemployment bonus and $3 trillion in new spending. It would sink the economy and imperil Mr. Trump’s re-election.

The president needs to pull an end run, and there’s a legal way to do that. He should declare a national economic emergency and announce that the Internal Revenue Service will immediately stop collecting the payroll tax. This is technically called a deferral of the tax payments.

The catch is that under any deferral, workers would still be on the hook for paying the taxes later. Or would they?

Mr. Trump could also pledge to sign a bill—now or after the new Congress takes office on Jan. 3—to forgive those repayments. That would make the election a referendum on middle-class taxes. Mr. Trump can give Americans a tax cut now, and sign it into law later.

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NYT-Hyped Korean Report Actually Shows Children Are Not Spreaders

Excerpt from The Federalist:

In an incredible redux of when they hyped the Christian Drosten fake paper which claimed children were highly infectious – when his math actually showed the opposite – the New York Times and Chicago Tribune pushed screaming headlines that a new Korean government report proves children age 10 to 19 are highly infectious.  The Korean government report, based on data from March and ignoring all of the newer research, does make that claim — with qualifications — in its narrative summary.   But its actual math shows exactly the opposite!  Do the elite newspapers even bother to consult anyone numerate?

As Professor Balloux of the UCL genetics institute immediately replied, the NYT writer completely misunderstood the report:
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