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Stephen Moore: We Haveta NAFTA

The clock is ticking as we enter the 4th quarter of negotiations on revising and renewing the North America Free Trade Agreement. It may be now or never for renewing this trade treaty – that although in need of repair – has been positive for all three nations – the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.   Trade across borders of our three countries is up almost 50 percent over the last two decades and NAFTA ensures that North America remains the economically supreme continent over Asia and Europe.
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You’re Invited: Policy forum on lessons from Reagan

On Monday April 23, I am hosting a policy forum at Heritage featuring Peggy Grande, who was Reagan’s personal aide after he left the White House. Her book, the “President Will See You Now”, is a sweet and intimate story of Reagan’s life post-presidency. Craig Shirley, Reagan’s authoritative biographer, will be commenting on the book. If you can come, we would love to have you.

The invite is below.

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Spirit of Kemp returns in Rep. Mooney’s gold standard act

By Pat Hall

Excerpt from the American Thinker:

Yesterday, Congressman Alexander Mooney (R-W.Va.) introduced a bill to once again make the U.S. dollar convertible to a fixed weight of gold.  The legislation, H.R. 5404, was written in the spirit of Jack Kemp’s Gold Standard Act, and, as Rep. Mooney noted, it marks the first attempt since 1984 to restore a gold backing to the U.S. dollar.  While the passage of this legislation is a long shot in our current political climate (which, unfortunately, overlooks the importance of monetary policy in facilitating economic growth), this is a big deal.  Rep. Mooney’s gold standard act could reignite a much needed conversation about the importance of having a stable dollar to create soaring economic growth.
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