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Politics and Government

From, Jerry Bowyer detailshow a theological error led to financial stagnation.

The Washington Free Beacon reportsthe New Jersey Senate race is tightening, says Jeff Bell is within striking distance of Cory Booker.  

Monetary Reform

At, Amity Shlaes writesif Republicans win in November, they need to take on the Fed.

From, Peter Ferrara showswhy the gold standard is the foundation for restoring booming economic growth.

At, James Dorn praisesthe Centennial Monetary Commission, calls for radical reform of monetary policy.

To move from the present pure discretionary government fiat money system to a rules-based regime, Congress must accept its constitutional responsibility for sound money, not delegate the authority to an “independent” Fed. The place to start is to pass Rep. Kevin Brady’s legislation for establishing a bipartisan Centennial Monetary Commission to examine the Fed’s 100-year performance and to explore alternative monetary rules for a stable-valued money.

From NewsMax, Steve Forbes gives the economic benefits of a stable gold-backed dollar.
In the WSJ, Ruchir Sharma makes the case that liberals love the one percent.

In the Washington Examiner, Joseph Lawler reportsthe Federal Reserve cut another $10 billion, but they are still promising more stimulus.

In the WSJ, Justin Lahart writesthe Federal Reserve is cracking.

From The Federalist, Willis Krumholz saysconservatives need to have it out over the Fed.

In The New Yorker, Nicholas Lemann explainshow Janet Yellen is redefining the Federal Reserve.