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Reports By The Committee To Unleash Prosperity



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Stephen Moore, Jeff Yass, Peter J. Ferrara and Steven J. Entin

Democratic presidential candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Cory Booker have made inequality a central issue in the campaign. But their plans for minimum-wage hikes, wealth taxes and income-tax rates of 50%-70% would restrain the economy and hurt all Americans. SEE HERE

The U.S. uranium mining industry is in crisis today due to certain foreign state-owned companies and entities undermining free-market uranium through predatory practices. U.S, uranium production has also suffered from years of anti-mining regulatory and environmental policies that have left the domestic industry dormant. As of 2019, more than 99 percent of U.S. uranium supplies are imported, much of it from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. China is also ramping up its ability to supply more cheap uranium to the U.S. These are not friendly ally nations that America can depend on. APPENDIX

An America First Critical Mineral and Mining Strategy

By. Dr. Ned Namula- Arguably, no nation on earth has been endowed with a greater abundance of critical and rare earth minerals than the United States.

The National Mining Association estimates that the United States sits atop $6 trillion in mineral resources. We could be easily adding $50 to 100 billion to our GDP every year through a smart, pro-growth mining policy.

If all 17 rare earth elements were counted separately—as they should be—the United States is importing 37 minerals at 100 percent, for a total of 67 key minerals imported at more than 50 percent reliance.

Auto Tariffs Would Disrupt Trump’s Pro-Growth Agenda

By Steven Moore and Phil Kerpen- Donald Trump ran for president promising a tougher stance on trade deals. He argued that many of these agreements were unfair to American companies and U.S. workers and promised to bring back jobs and factories that had fled these shores for nations like Mexico, China, and Japan. In particular he expressed concern for American steel and auto workers whose jobs were being lost due to “lousy trade deals.” This was often a popular position with blue collar union workers whose wages had been stagnant for nearly two decades.




NAFTA Reform Must Better Protect Intellectual Property

By Steven Moore- As the Trump administration seeks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico, a key issue for U.S. trade negotiators is better and more enforceable protections of intellectual property (IP) rights. This must include more legally binding protections of patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and other engines of invention and creation, which face a growing array of threats in foreign markets, including even our closest North American trade partners.

By Steven Moore and Steve Forbes- Foreign Price Controls Jeopardize Global Health and Raise Drug Costs for Americans // Stephen Moore and Steve Forbes
Perhaps the most common complaint about the U.S. health care system is that Americans spend more on medical care than the
citizens of any other nation without commensurate health benets. While our health care delivery and insurance systems havemany ineciencies, one element that can drive up costs is global in scope: compared with citizens of other developed countries,Americans bear a disproportionate share of the hundreds of billions of dollars spent each year developing new drugs, vaccines,medical devices, and other life-saving health technologies.