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Politics and Government

3rdQuarter GDPexpands at 3.5%

Monetary Reform

From, John Mueller comments on Paul Krugman’s recent statement that the dollar’s reserved-currency status is an ‘overrated phenomenon.’

Steve Hanke writes about volatility.

Business Insider reports QE is over.

The NY Sun calls our monetary policy the Fed’s version of “trick or treat.”

At, Lee Sheppard explains how taxes are a monetary instrument.

From News-Sentinel, Congressman Marlin Stutzman makes the case for eliminating the Fed’s dual mandate.

Jeffrey Snider details the effects of a century of weak money. 

In the Washington Post, Matt O’Brien calls the gold standard the ‘worst possible idea’.

At, Nathan Lewis says the Keynesian’s are in hysterics because their funny money experiment is coming to an end.

In The Hill, Vicki Needham reports the Fed has ended their huge stimulus program.


In the Wall Street Journal, Senator John Kyl and Stephen Moore write Obama’s policy’s soak the rich, drown the middle class.


At Fortune, Geoffrey Smith saysas the Fed leaves the QE party, Japan tops up the punchbowl.