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Monetary Reform

At The Hill, Ralph Benko writes the spirit of Jack Kemp rides again.

The NY Sun endorses Jeff Bell for Senate.

In The Washington Examiner, Steve Forbes says link the dollar to gold or face Great Depression II.

At, John Tamny criticizes Janet Yellen’s false definition of inflation.

In USA Today, Kim Hjelmgaard explains how the ECB’s negative interest rates will charge banks to hold reserves.

At Business Insider, Mamta Badkar warns the era of negative interest rates has begun.

The NY Post discusses the Bell v. Booker Senate race.

Booker’s reputation, of course, has faded since he was elected mayor of Newark, a city whose name has become a synonym for urban dysfunction and despair.

Though Booker started with much promise, in the end he failed to transform the city, leaving behind a growing murder rate, a failing school system and an electorate jaded by unfulfilled promises of reform.

In The WSJ, Jon Hilsenrath writesFed officials are growing weary of market complacency.

From MarketWatch, Ben Eisen saysthe market is watching the Fed, not the jobs report.

From TGSN, Ralph Benko shares how Sir Isaac Newton created the modern classical gold standard.