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Politics and Government

From Newsmax, Stephen Moore writesPresident Obama would flunk his economics course.
Monetary Reform

Steve Forbes’s new book Money says“Stable money, which can only be achieved through a gold standard, is the way to a true recovery and a prosperous economy.” Also on, Steve Forbes is interviewedon his new book MONEY: How The Destruction Of The Dollar Threatens The Global Economy And What We Can Do About It.  Available for purchase on

In, Nathan Lewis observesthat “Once ‘economic growth’ means making things that are beautiful, fun and environmentally sound … we would naturally want more of it.”
From Barrons, Robert Prechter attacks40 years of fake money and economic rot.
In TGSN, Ralph Benko showsthe world’s largest gold crystal nugget; Kathleen Packard criticizesthe low-wage recovery.

From, Steve Forbes believesPresident Obama’s biggest lie was his pledge to cut taxes.
ATR contraststhe tax records of Republican and Democrat Governors.

At International Liberty, Dan Mitchell explainshow Obamacare’s failures are forcing states to cough up more money.