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kudlow-pawlenty-14005-960x960Politics and Government

The Week columnist Ryan Cooper concludes “reformocon” ideas “have been stamped into the dirt, soaked in kerosene, and set ablaze.”

In the Washington Post, Elise Tieback says David Hoppe is leaning into the storm as Paul Ryan’s top aide.


The WSJ reports Janet Yellen slammed the Taylor Rule in a letter, urges Congress to reject Fed reforms.

Professor Taylor delivers a rebuttal.

At New Boston Post, Brian Domitrovic says Ted Cruz is going for gold, discusses the politics of money.

In the WSJ, Michael Thompson explains how the Fed has warped the 401(k).


On Ricochet, Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty critique the presidential candidates’ tax plans.


From ATR, Grover Norquist calls for an end to sugar subsidies on capitol hill.


In the Washington Examiner, Philip Klein reports the nation’s largest insurer may exit Obamacare due to losses.

At, Sally Pipes asks remember when Obamacare was supposed to help small businesses?