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Politics and Government

At, John Tamny explains how The Beatles prove that education is irrelevant to success.

The Washington Post relays Art Laffer’s message that the Obama economy is dramatically under-performing.

From National Review, Larry Kudlow covers the recent supply-side dinner with Scott Walker.

Monetary Reform

Ralph Benko, deconstructing TNR’s Danny Vinik and Paul Krugman, explains what’s wrong with the arguments of the liberals attacking Rand Paul, Part One and Part Two, and at the American Principles Project blog explains why Rand Paul has a lot in common with Presidents Jefferson and Jackson.

At Free Banking, George Seigin reveals what Fed officials don’t want you to know (even though they are telling you).

At Mercury News, Martin Crutsinger reports Janet Yellen will face Congress to discuss interest rate questions.

From, Ralph Benko details how bitcoin is pitching Silicon Valley against Washington, D.C.


In The Washington Times, Stephen Moore says it’s time to kill the death tax.

Regulatory Reform

In The Washington Times, Stephen Moore writes the Affordable Care Act isn’t affordable.