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Why You Shouldn’t Fear Robots

By Rich Lowry Excerpt from National Review: A wave of fear over automation is driving dire predictions about robots rendering swaths of Americans unemployable and has created a vogue for outlandishly stupid policy proposals. A popular idea in Silicon Valley is for a...

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Larry Kudlow: Chaos isn’t helping tax reform

Policy and Government At Quartz, Eshe Nelson says capitalists must stop destroying capitalism. Yahoo News warns stocks and the dollar are weighed down by chaos in the Trump administration. In the Washington Post, Thomas Heath blames the dow plunge on Trump’s...

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The Chinese Are Just Like Us: They Want Things

By John Tamny Except from Real Clear Markets: Regularly forgotten amid all the false compassion for the individuals supposedly “left behind” by free trade is why individuals work in the first place.  They work in order to import, whether from across the street, or...

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Trump, GOP prepare for tax cut bonfire

Excerpt from the Washington Examiner: In coming weeks and months, President Trump will attempt tax reform more sweeping, consequential and controversial than those of Presidents George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. He is betting that commerce and his own political...

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