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9271667837_e411ea4493_qPolitics and Government

From, Ralph Benko says Steve Forbes’ new book Reviving America shows us the way out of our sluggish economy.

At CATO, Steve Hanke debunks the secular stagnation argument.


At The Pulse 2016, Ralph Benko says that while the left slams gold, their voter base is far more receptive.

The NY Sun writes Ted Cruz’s “gold problem” isn’t a problem at all.

At Mises, Ryan McMaken says the Huffington Post became unhinged when Ted Cruz voiced support for the gold standard.

From, Nathan Lewis gives the history of the gold/silver complex.

At, Jerry Bowyer praises George Gilder’s 21st Century Case for Gold.


From CBN, Stephen Moore slams the Obama administration on energy policy.


At The Market Mogul, Sonali Gidwani asks if supply-side economics can save China.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore