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Steve Forbes releases his new book “Reviving America: How Repealing Obamacare, Replacing the Tax Code and Reforming The Fed will Restore Hope and Prosperity”.

Steve Forbes, two-time candidate for the GOP presidential nomination and Forbes Media Chairman, explains how today’s malaise has been caused by years of Obama’s destructive policies, a broken tax system, and the Federal Reserve’s Soviet-style controls over credit and money.

Patient-Driven Healthcare: The problem with healthcare, Forbes says, is that Big Government, health insurance companies, and employers are in control, not you, the patient. The key to getting high-quality, affordable healthcare is increasing competition and choice, and putting patients in charge.

Enact a Flat Tax: Today’s complex, corrupt tax code must be scrapped. The best answer is a simple Flat Tax. Forbes shows how this very bold reform would free America from the IRS and unleash an unprecedented wave of prosperity.

A Sound Dollar as Good as Gold: With its ever-fluctuating “fiat” dollar, the Federal Reserve has blocked a real recovery and is the prime cause of today’s stagnant, crisis-ridden economy. The answer?  Take the dollar out of the hands of the Washington politicians by returning to a monetary system with the value of the dollar linked to gold.

In the Asia Times, Reuven Brenner asks ‘what would happen if economists applied their theories to themselves?’


From, Steve Forbes critiques the New York Times analysis of gold.

At, John Tamny discusses Binyamin Applebaum’s well-meaning gold standard misfire.

Capitalism Magazine says the gold standard can limit governmental monetary abuse.


In the NY Post, George Will explains how progressive tax schemes slam the poor.

The Tax Foundation reports working class families face marginal tax rates above 43%.