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Politics and Government
On The Larry Kudlow Show, Peter Ferrara says 4% growth is possible. 
The Clash Of The Donalds: The NY Sun opines thoughtfully, on Donald Boudreaux calling Donald Trump an “economic imbecile.”
Jake Sherman and Burgess Everett in Politico report “Congress faces fall from hell.”  Coming up:  the FAA; highway trust fund; CRs, raising the debt limit, Ex-Im bank….  And MORE.
Monetary Policy
On Fox Business, Art Laffer says there’s been no recovery since the great recession, The Fed’s low interest rates haven’t worked. 

John Tamny at reviews George Gilder’s 21st Century Case For Gold, praises Steve Forbes, condemns monetarism.
From, Steve Forbes asks if China is becoming Japan. 
The Jackson Hole News and Guide features the dueling monetary conferences between the Federal Reserve and American Principles Project upcoming in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 
St. Louis Fed official says no evidence QE boosted economy.