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Politics and Government

From National Review, Larry Kudlow writes the GOP should target 5% growth.
At, Ralph Benko says it wasn’t trickle down it was supply side that kindled shared prosperity under Reagan and Clinton.

From National Review, Maggie Gallagher says Rick Santorum should talk to George Gilder.

Monetary Policy

From, Brian Domitrovic writes Hillary Clinton will run against the 1980s.

Richard Rahn, in the Washington Times, on what 4% growth rates would accomplish, “the ticket to the White House.”

Reuters: Russian Central Bank official Dmitry Tulin reports to the Russian Duma that the market risks of stockpiling gold more than offsets the political and legal risks of holding other assets.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko presents part 17 of his interview with Lewis Lehrman.


From Newsmax, Steve Forbes and Stephen Moore say states that raise taxes are falling behind.


Nathan Lewis, at, argues that after Greece defaults it will be poised for an amazing recovery, explaining that ““You can’t throw people out of the lifeboat until you reach dry land.”