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Politics and Government

Bob Patterson, in the Philadelphia Inquirer, praises Huckabee and slams the TPP and recalls the words of Bob Mundell: “It has been a mistake to let U.S. manufacturing run down so low. While other nations have industrial policies to maximize their trade benefits, the United States leaves itself open like a naked woman. A big problem is with nations that may prove to be future enemies.”

Wall Street’s Torquemada Ben Lawsky steps down.

Monetary Policy

From, Charles Calomiris makes the case for a June rate hike.

At, Ralph Benko explains what Kentucky’s bourbon shortage can teach us about the Fed; Benko praises Seth Lipsky’s new book “The Floating Kilogram.”

John Tamny at RCM writes about How Baltimore’s Plight Reveals the Comical Absurdity of Market Monetarism.

Charles Calomiris at on Nonsensical Accusations of Protectionism through Currency Manipulation

Dueling editorial a the New York Times and New York Sun on “reforming” Bretton Woods.

From Bloomberg, William Pesek says Yellen has taken a back seat to China.

At the Cato Institute, Steve Hanke says Venezuela is plagued by bad money.

At Bloomberg, in Chinese Gold Standard Would Need A Rate 50 Times Bullion’s Price, Nicholas Larkin and Eddie Van Der Walt demonstrate an Epic Failure of understanding of the mechanics of the classical gold standard (which never required 100% gold reserves against currency, as decisively demonstrated, by, among many others, Prof. Lawrence White.)

Mike Patton at on Ron Paul On The Public Debt And The Collapse Of The Dollar

The New York Fed’s Liberty Street Economics ponders Why Interest Rates Are So Low.


In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore calls for ending corporate welfare.