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Politics and Government

From, Ralph Benko writes Larry Kudlow has revealed the GOP’s secret agenda.

Prof. Russ Roberts accuses Prof. Paul Krugman of being human (and fallible).

Monetary Reform

Norbert Michel in on the upcoming APP Jackson Hole Counter-conference to the annual KC Fed conference, plus the Brady Monetary Commission.

Ralph Benko, at ThePulse2016, praises the new USA technothriller Mr. Robot for its passing observation that “Money hasn’t been real since we got off the gold standard. It’s become virtual software. The operating system of our world.”

George Gilder, in ThePulse2016, explains why Megan McArdle is confused and that the absence of gold from the currency system is the root of Greece’s problem.

In HBL, Retired RBI Governor SS Tarapore explains Why India Should Listen To Steve Forbes

From, Steve Hanke covers the Fed’s taper talk, Hamilton’s deserved place on the $10 bill. 

The NY Sun proposes the Bernanke 10 spot.

A nifty review of the purchasing power of gold over millennia at


At Town Hall, Stephen Moore details Senator Paul’s flat tax plan.


On WABC, Larry Kudlow discusses the King v. Burwell decision with Congressman Kevin Brady.