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Politics and Government

Steve Forbes writes in Forbes: Gad! In GOP Debate Three Big Issues Virtually Ignored: Obamacare, Taxes, And The Fed

Monetary Policy

At, John Tamny writes China and North Korea are attempting to block out reality. 

Keynes’s definitive biographer (and prominent Keynsian) Lord Skidelsky calls the Fed’s QE a policy failure: “The actual recovery measures we’ve taken, particularly quantitative easing, have actually skewed the recovery towards asset buying and real estate….”

Cato’s Dr. George Selgin, at, delivers a brilliant response to Narron and Morgan’s recent Crisis Chroniclein the NY Fed’s Liberty Street Economics on The California Gold Rush and the Gold Standard.

At IBD Cato’s Dr. James Dorn drives (another) stake through the heart of Macroeconomics’ own Walking Dead: the Phillips Curve.  The Thing That Couldn’t Die!

In The Washington Post, Ylan Mui shows how protestors plan to take on The Fed. 

In The WSJ, Ben Leubsdorf discusses a new Wall Street Journal poll showing 82% of economists surveyed believe The Fed will hike rates in September.