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Politics and Government

Steve Moore, at IDB, draws the stark contrast between the supply-side ethos of Republicans and the regressive policy mix of the Progressives.

From Town Hall, Larry Kudlow says Jeb Bush is right about 4% growth.

From, Ralph Benko evaluates TPP. Also on, Ralph Benko admits his love for Keynes.

At, Brian Domitrovic says Paulson is a mensch for giving Harvard $400 million.

Niall Ferguson, at Project Syndicate, takes Lord Skidelsky to the woodshed for intellectual dishonesty: “Like Krugman (though his tone has been much less obnoxious), Lord Skidelsky has made the un-Keynesian mistake of sticking to an erroneous view in the face of changing facts. I look forward to the time when both have the intellectual honesty to admit that they were wrong – horribly wrong….”

Skidelsky, also at Project Syndicate, pleads not guilty.

The Economist warns about the risk of a second collapse.

Monetary Policy

From The Weekly Standard, Judy Shelton says free trade needs sound money.

At the Cato Institute, George Selgin lists 10 things every economist should know about the gold standard.

Steve Forbes calls for countries to use currency boards to link to the dollar and advises India to go to the gold standard to “surpass the economy of its former colonial master, Britain, as well as that of China.”

At Real Clear Politics, Larry Kudlow says sound money is crucial to economic growth.

Nathan Lewis at gives a glowing review to George Gilder’s The 21st Century Case for Gold: A New Information Theory of Money.

The NY Sun praises Jeb Bush’s response on currency manipulation. Also on the NY Sun, Seth Lipsky contrasts Donal Trump with Jeb Bush in the debate over saving the dollar.

Noah Muscente writing in APP’s on putting the gold standard into state curricula.

Axel Merk: Fed Causes Both Economic and Political Stability to Deteriorate

At, Frank Holmes discusses the glitter of gold in an age of soaring debt.

From the LA Times, how Mt. McKinley was named after the gold standard president.

At The NY Fed’s Liberty Street Economics James Narron and Don Morgan
give us the latest installment of their excellent Crisis Chronicles: Railway Mania, the Hungry Forties, and the Commercial Crisis of 1847.


In the WSJ, Rand Paul gives his plan to blow up the tax code.


In the wake of a major US Court of Claims ruling against the Federal Reserve for action taken against AIG Seth Lipsky in the WSJ asks Will Congress Now Rein In the Fed?