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15084720918_aeb09a7c37_qPolitics and Government

At, Ralph Benko explains what Uncle Sam’s forest fire policy reveals about financial crises past and future.


The Washington Examiner reports that Ted Cruz catches Yellen “off-guard” with his questioning at yesterday’s JEC hearing.

At Quartz, Tim Fernholz  says Breaking! A Republican presidential candidate has said something interesting about monetary policy, and it’s Texas Senator Ted Cruz, which makes it doubly interesting.

The NY Sun praises Ted Cruz’ grilling of Janet Yellen at the recent Joint Economic Committee hearing.

From Townhall, Larry Kudlow discusses how a December rate hike will change the economic and political landscape.

From, Tim Worstall says the Fed doesn’t control the federal funds rate.

A t AEIdeas, Jim Pethokoukis continues his crusade against the gold standard.

From, Nathan Lewis introduces us to the diverse gold standard family.