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Steve Forbes at Freedomfest Las Vegas

Politics and Government

The Alan Colmes Show interviews Steve Forbes on Reviving America and the presidential candidates’ plans for economic growth.

At, John Tamny praises Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames’ new book Reviving America as an easy path to prosperity.

From, Tim Worstall says Donald Trump isn’t left enough to be fascist.

At ThePulse2016, Ralph Benko writes supply-side conservatives are rallying to defend Ted Cruz from attacks in the New York Times.

In USNews, Peter Roff observes that for a country that badly needs to have the sclerotic institutions of its government shaken, [Donald Trump’s] not such a bad thing.”

From, Ralph Benko says totalitarianism is infecting elite collegiate America.


The WSJ reports junk bond prices posted their largest drop since 2011.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore