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Politics and Government

From, Ralph Benko asks, one year into the master plan of the vast left wing conspiracy, if the “Mad Tea Party” can beat the Tea Party?

On Fox Business, Art Laffer criticizesPresident Obama for trying to tax us into prosperity. 

Monetary Reform

The NY Sun reports“the Senate awakes” with the introduction of the Centennial Monetary Commission.

On, John Tamny saysbitcoin trashing by the punditry unwittingly makes the case for the gold standard. 

From, Brian Domitrovic explainswhat investors do, and what policymakers need to do, when the price of gold falls. 

In The Week, John Aziz writesNassim Taleb used to be my hero, but today, he is just plain wrong. 

On Fox Business, Elizabeth McDonald criticizesthe Fed’s miracle-grow policy.

On TGSN, Ralph Benko commemorates“the feast of the Epiphany” and the wise-man’s gift of gold; Kathleen Packard discussesthe tapering impact of quantitative easing.