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Monetary Reform

From, Cedric Muhammad says Joakim Noah, Kevin Brady And Bray Wyatt Have The ‘It’ Factor Of Leadership

In The WSJ, Jon Hilsenrath interviewsNew York Fed President William Dudley.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko calls NGDP thought leader Prof. David Beckworth a “scholar and a gentleman” for his NR review of Lewis Lehrman’s Money, Gold and History, Kathleen Packard believesthere is gold behind China’s smog.

The Washington Post explainswhat you need to know about the Federal Reserve’s new cast members.


In, Peter Ferrara contrastsKennedy Democrats with Obama Democrats.

ATR opposesGovernor Christie’s tax hike on small businesses and e-cigarettes.

On Fox News, Paul Kengor argueswhat Obama could learn from Reaganomics.


On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell discussesthe troubling drop in the employment-population ratio.