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Politics and Government

From, Ralph Benko writesbipartisanship is great for politicians but gridlock is better for the American people.

On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell discussescrony capitalism and his top blog posts of 2013.

Monetary Reform

FT reportsbond investors are braced for a new year shock.

On EconoMonitor, Tim Duy says, “At first blush, the Federal Reserve looked to have pulled off an almost seamless hand-off of accommodation from quantitative easing to forward guidance at the last FOMC meeting.  The announcement of the long-awaited taper was met with a subdued bond market reaction while stocks soared.  Since then, however, bond yields have climbed, breaching the three percent mark at the end of last week.”

In The WSJ, Min Zeng and Mike Cherney sayrising yields give bond buyers and issuers pause for thought.

On TGSN, Ralph Benko respondsto Paul Krugman’s recent attack on the gold standard.

In The WSJ, Pedro Nicolaci da Costa liststhe five challenges for the Federal Reserve in 2014.


On The Kudlow Report, Grover Norquist detailsthe new Obamacare taxes coming in 2014.