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Politics and Government

Rep. Steve Stockman’s primary challenge to John Cornyn rocks the GOP.
Kevin Brady’s chief of staff, supply side hero Doug Centilli surprise files to run for seat being vacated by Stockman.

Chairman Scalise’s firing of Paul Teller as executive director of the Republican Study Committee threatens a new round in the GOP civil war.
From, Alejandro Chafuen writes Pope Francis does not call for the socialization of the economic system.

On, John Tamny says Sorry Henry Blodget, but the rich do create nearly every job.  

From, Ralph Benko writes the big story of 2016 will not be who replaces Obama, but whether the activists using Article V will amend the Constitution to rein in a power drunk Washington

Monetary Reform

From, Jon Decker praises Laissez Faire Books’ new translation of Copernicus’s Essay on Money, available at Laissez Faire Books 

On TGSN, James Dorn announces the publication of “Money, Markets, and Government: The Next 30 Years.”

On TGSN, Ralph Benko explains how the south Sea Bubble of 1720 is relevant today.

On The Kudlow Report, Larry Kudlow says taper is our friend


On, Brian Domitrovic calls for President Obama to stop raising taxes on the poor.

In The NY Post, Michael Tanner calls Obamacare a Medicaid time bomb.

In International Liberty, Dan Mitchell argues Ryan-Murray budget deal replaces real spending restraint with budget gimmicks and back-door tax hikes.