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Politics and Government

In The WSJ, Bret Stephens writes anyone who thinks America’s best days are behind it should take a close look at the latest Nobel haul.

From John Tamny says booming Austin, Texas reveals the genius of open immigration borders.

In, Brian Domitrovic details how this shutdown season, President Garfield’s assassination still haunts us.

At, Ralph Benko states that Ted Cruz used the shutdown crisis as a “dangerous opportunity” and now it is time for him collect his winnings in his bid for the presidency and allow the government to reopen.

Monetary Reform

From, Steve Forbes writes Janet Yellen and The Fed have much to answer for, so why all the cheers?

At TGSN, Ralph Benko writes about how classical liberal economic thinkers such as Jacques Rueff restored a war-ravaged Europe to prosperity.


From, Grace-Marie Turner says efforts to hide full cost of ObamaCare insurance fueled epic crash.

On ATR, Alyssa Canobbio asks if glitches are considered a pre-existing condition.

On Cato, Chris Edwards shows the share of U.S. bridges that are structurally deficient has steadily declined since 1992.