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Politics and Government

From, Brian Domitrovic attacksCapital in the 21st Century.

Monetary Reform
In, John Tamny showshow Steve Forbes aims to end four decades of slow-motion wealth destruction in his book Money.
At Town Hall, Mike Shedlock saysbalancing the budget and the trade deficit can easily be achieved with a return to the gold standard.
From, Ralph Benko writesenacting Jack Kemp’s gold standard will bring stupendous growth to American and the world.
In The Washington Post, Jim Tankersley reportsseveral dozen economists gathered to discuss reining in the Fed.
In The WSJ, Ben Leubsdorf believesinterest rates would be higher if monetary policy spoke with a Texas twang.
At TGSN, Ralph Benko sharesSamuel Pepys observations on the royal mint in the 1600’s.

The Middle Class Squeeze
At Breitbart, Chriss Street reports food inflation is running at 22%.

Regulatory Reform
At Town Hall, Kevin Glass providesa way forward on regulatory reform.