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Politics and Government

The WSJ’s Stephen Moore willjoin the Heritage Foundation as their new Chief Economist.

On, John Tamny warnsnot to be fooled by “no labels,” it is another surrender to big government.

On National Review, Larry Kudlow writes‘growth, growth, growth,’ is the new mantra of the Business Roundtable. 

From, Brian Domitrovic discussesbig-government stirrings in Texas, the most important place in the world.

Monetary Reform

Ralph Benko callsthe Brady-Cornyn Monetary Commission this era’s Kemp-Roth

In CS Monitor, Mark Trumbull predictswhat Janet Yellen will do with the nation’s purse.

On Huffinton Post, Cherno Jobatey detailshis meeting with Janet Yellen.

In The WSJ, Jon Hilsenrath reportsthe next reduction in bond-buying could be announced soon.

On CNBC, Jeff Cox writes“if you think you know what the Fed is doing, guess again.”

On TGSN, Kathleen Packard coverseuro unhappiness in Latvia.