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Politics and Government

At, Jerry Bowyer believes the arguments against high frequency trading are beside the point.

From, Ralph Benko says if Rand Paul does not run for President, the U.S. should re-unite with our mother country by drafting London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Monetary Reform

In The Daily Reckoning, Ron Paul reveals the most important thing holding up the U.S. dollar.

The NY Sun discusses Yellen’s missing jobs, how the Federal Reserve has fueled unemployment.

In The Fiscal Times, Mark Thoma writes the Fed’s Board of Governors could soon be severely shorthanded.

From CNBC, Patti Domm asks if the Fed will rock the boat again.

Zee News reports the IMF trimmed their growth outlook for emerging markets.

At TGSN, Kathleen Packard writes those who have jobs do not have sufficient disposable income.