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Politics and Government

In The NY Post, John Crudele alleges the census faked the 2012 election jobs report.

Monetary Reform

From USA Today, Sean Fieler writes Yellen’s easy money spells trouble.

Lewis Lehrman delivers the closing address at the 31st Cato Monetary Conference

Jeff Bell, in The Weekly Standard, accuses Yellen of trickle down economics.

In The WSJ, Jeffrey Sparshott reports Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia President Charles Plosser objects to open ended asset purchases. 

In, John Tamny states inflation is not an “if” concept, it’s a “now concept”.

On, Ralph Benko says amid Obama’s self-implosion, an elite Republican death wish — a desire to repudiate social values and policies of free market economic growth — rears its loser head … and gets lambasted by an irate Whig for engaging in “reductionism and false causality, which unfortunately, your article is replete with.

From, Bill Frezza argues Yellen’s message to too-big-to-fail banks is to party on.

On TGSN, Ralph Benko adds his observations on Jerry Bowyers conversation with Allan Meltzer.


In The Daily Caller, Grover Norquist details how the GOP is winning the budget fight.