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Politics and Government

In, John Tamny says Republicans should be falling over themselves thanking President Obama.

On Bloomberg, Steve Forbes says affordable care is a political timebomb.

On Fox Business Art Laffer says there has been no recovery.

Monetary Reform

On Hindu Business Line, S.S. Tarapore writes lets go back to good old gold.

From, Ralph Benko details how Paul Krugman consigned to hell an economic slump of his own devise.

On, Brian Domitrovic says don’t you dare eliminate the penny.

From TGSN, Ralph Benko channels Lewis Lehrman’s best evidence of runaway inflation.

In The WSJ, Alen Mattich states the weak Yen does less for Japan than it seems.

Regulatory Reform

On Reason, Jon Utley reports GAO wants radiation guidelines for terrorism in U.S. cities.


On Fox News, Steve Forbes and John Tamny discuss how Obamacare threatens individual freedom.