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Politics and Government

At, Steve Forbes channelsRichard Kaarlgard’s book The Soft Edgeto show the missing ingredients for lasting corporate success.
From, Ralph Benko statesin the’ war on youth,’ the youth strike back.
Monetary Reform

The NY Sun weighs in on Picketty’s Charge, which neglects the strong correlation between the closing of the gold window and the explosion of income inequality.
In, David Malpass saystapering has led to an increase in lending.
From, Nathan Lewis explainswhy you don’t need much gold bullion to run a gold-based monetary system.
From Five Thirty Eight, Andrew Flowers discussesthe potential bubble that the Federal Reserve cases the most about.
MarketWatch displays the Fed’s enormous balance sheet in seven charts.
At TGSN, Ralph Benko detailshow gold mining will soon be more eco-friendly. 


At International Liberty, Dan Mitchell givessome good news surrounding tax reform.