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Politics and Government

At, Steve Forbes writesthe time has come to defund the IRS. 

In Investor’s Business Daily, Stephen Moore askswhat’s the matter with Paul Krugman?

From, Peter Ferrara writestax reform would restore booming economic growth, and the American dream. 

In Real Clear Markets, Wayne Brough warns the Internal Revenue Service has unleashed a massive new regulation under the guise of reducing tax evasion.

From, Norbert Michel details Dodd-Frank’s monster counsel, the FSOC.

Monetary Reform

From, Ralph Benko says Republicans and the Tea Party need to refocus their agenda in order to promote equitable prosperity.  

From The Hill, Judy Shelton explains why policymakers should be on the lookout for another major meltdown due to bad monetary policy by central banks.

At Heritage, Norbert Michel discusses the Centennial Monetary Commission, provides a second look at the 2008 financial crisis.

The NY Sun believes a more favorable political climate in November could lead to Krugman’s last hurrah.

We don’t yet know what America will do in November in respect of the Senate. But if voters break up the Democratic log-jam in the upper chamber, we could yet get reforms of the type for which Mr. Volcker hinted he, for one, is ready. The chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, Kevin Brady, has been nursing a formal review of the Fed’s performance on its centennial and is starting to win sponsors in the Senate.

Naked Capital reports France has hissy fit over BNP Paribas fine and dollar dominance.

On BookTV, Kwansi Kwarteng discusses “War and Gold.”

The NY Sun believes Yellen will have her own “15 minutes of fame.”

At Reuters, Michael Flaherty reports House Republicans are proposing Fed reforms.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko discusses the manipulation of paper currency prior to the constitutional convention.