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Politics and Government

From CNN Money, Annalyn Kurtz reportsthe IMF has downgraded U.S. growth projections for 2014.

In USA Today, Paul Davidson believesthe Fed may forecast slower growth.

Monetary Reform


In The WSJ, Seth Lipsky discusses Paul Volcker’s call for an international monetary conference, says the world since the rule-based monetary system collapsed in the 1970s is not a pretty picture.

From, Ralph Benko explainsthe global importance of Paul Volcker’s call for a new Bretton Woods.  
In The WSJ, Josh Dawsey talkswith Cory Booker’s Golden Challenger, Jeff Bell.


From The Washington Post, Ylan Mui writes the Fed disagrees on what to do next, and it hasn’t even gotten to interest rates yet.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko describes how the Federal Reserve was created over wild turkey and oyster stuffing.

The Middle Class Squeeze

Reuters reports consumer prices are rising, uptick in inflation pressures.

The Boston Herald states prices rose 0.4% in May.