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Monetary Reform

In Ralph Benko describes Lewis Lehrman’s recent presentation on monetary history as a Velvet Underground event.

Meanwhile, economist Robert Gordon, Dean of the Declinists, presents his case why resumed high growth is virtually impossible

From The Atlantic, O’Brien takes his brass knuckles to the attempted Summers coup at the Fed.

At The New York Times, Benyamin Appelbaum writes a quiet rivalry over the next Fed leader comes out of the shadows.

From Steve Forbes states big government and central banks are the real criminals.

On, John Tamny says for the sake of the economy, Obama should keep his eye off the ball.


In ATR, Ryan Ellis criticizes President Obama for calling for higher tax rates on small businesses.

Larry Kudlow details the tax reform secret-keeping.


On National Review, Deroy Murdock writes IRS employees are saying no to Obamacare.