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Politics and Government

At Fox News, John Tamny and Steve Forbes discuss the young and the saving-less.

Monetary Reform

Seth Lipsky in the WSJ recognizes Chairman Brady’s proposed commission for the Fed’s next 100 years

On Forbes, Ralph Benko asks is a monetary revolt is brewing to replace the tax revolt?

The NY Sun praises the Brady Monetary Commission.

In Bloomberg, Lukanyo Mnyanda & Joseph Ciolli report on Robert Mundell’s analysis of the euro crisis.

TGSN reprises full text of the Centennial Monetary Commission legislation.

Paul Dupont at Caffeinated Thoughts reviews Brady Monetary Commission


ATR  President Grover Norquist releases his NCAA tournament bracket based on competitive tax climates.


At NKY, Scott Wartman describes the pension reform package that passed the Kentucky legislature.

In The Miami Herald, Roger Alford writes on the Kentucky pension reform bill.