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Politics and Government

From, Ralph Benko lays out  how Puerto Rico can get Washington’s undivided attention in its bid for statehood. 

Monetary Reform

In Asia Times Online, Noureddine Krichene saysthe Fed is to blame for high food prices. 

At FT, Tracy Alloway reportscredit bubble fears put central bankers on edge.

In The Economist, R.A. writesthe Fed has failed its three-part mandate. 

From, Brian Domitrovic believesthe weak dollar is Putin’s enabler.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko discussesHerr Jens Weidmann’s (president of the German central bank) speech on “the lure of gold.”


Investor’s Business Daily statesFrance’s socialists are trying supply-side economics-again. 

Regulatory Reform

Veronique de Rugy and Patrick McLaughlin writeCongress should reform regulations to create jobs, praise the Jobs Act.