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Politics and Government

At, Ralph Benko seesan opportunity for President Obama to achieve universal health coverage libertarian style.

From, George Leef proposesa plan to let college students escape debt via bankruptcy, if the institutions of higher learning assume their loan payments.  

Monetary Reform

From Gold News, Adrian Ash pays tribute tothe gold standard 100 years after its death.

At, Norbert Michel saysthe Fed is not an investment manager.

The Dallas Fed presentsa PowerPoint presentation on the history of the gold standard.

From the Carl Menger Center, Paul-Martin Foss covers Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher’s recent statements on monetary policy.

At Bloomberg View, Mark Gilbert discusses how virtual currencies are moving closer to gold.

At Business Insider, Myles Udland reportsthe taper continues.

MarketWatch believesthe Fed will react cautiously to Q2 data.


The Wall Street Journal detailswhy liberals hate Kansas.

At ATR, Peter Fricke explainswhy the U.S. tax code has caused businesses to flee overseas.