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Politics and Government

In, Ralph Benko writes “the more Latino Texas gets the more Republican it is trending.”

Monetary Reform

At, John Tamny praises Nathan Lewis’s new book Gold: the Monetary Polaris writing, “This is easily the most important book of 2013, arguably the most important economics book in a long time, and the best book on money that’s yet been written.”

From The Fiscal Times, Liz Peek believes Larry Summers is the wrong man for Fed job.

In TGSN, Ralph Benko discusses the correlation between money and oil.


On US News, Reagan Speechwriter Joshua Gilder details what 2016 GOPers need — George Gilder’s new book, Knowledge and Power


From the UK Telegraph, Jeremy Warner explains what Singapore can teach the UK about prospering.

From International Liberty, Dan Mitchell says even Scandinavian welfare states realize too much dependency and too many handouts are destructive.

At The Kudlow Report, Larry Kudlow discusses the debt ceiling’s impact on the market.