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Politics and Government

From, Ralph Benko seesthe secession movements in Crimea, Venice, and Colorado as a sign that the era of big government is over.

At, Jerry Bowyer discusseshow the Democratic party moved from “tough center-left” to “brie and chabliss.”  

Monetary Reform

Steve Forbes discusses the economic benefits of stabilizing the dollar via a return to the gold standard. 

From FX Street, Philadelphia Fed President Charles Plosser detailshis support for a rules-based monetary policy. 

At TGSN, Ralph Benko debunksworries over Russia abandoning the dollar; believes nations would benefit from using a neutral asset, gold, to back their currencies. 


USA Today interviewsthe IRS on the tax issues surrounding Bitcoin. 

ATR praisesGovernor Walker for signing historic tax cuts into law. 


At, Steve Forbes saysat least $90,000 in stimulus funds were spent on dog parks in D.C.

At International Liberty, Dan Mitchell believesit is time for a free market post office.