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Monetary Reform

At, Ralph Benko asksif Paul Krugman is leaving Princeton in quiet disgrace.

Judy Shelton in The Weekly Standard makes the case for the gold standard.

Matthew Yglesias interviewsthe author of the first Monetary Policy thriller, The Directive, by Matthew Quirk, giving it a rave review.

From Town Hall, Steve Forbes saysthe lack of a gold standard has hurt U.S. economic growth.

From, John Tamny imaginesthe stupendous growth and plentiful credit in a world without the Fed.

In The WSJ, John Taylor discusseshow to spark another ‘Great Moderation.’

In The WSJ, Kansas City Fed President Esther George believesthe economy would be best served by raising rates; Pace of inflationworries Esther George.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko debunksPaul Krugman’s caricature of the movement towards a gold standard.


The Onion asks if the government should stop dumping money in a giant hole.