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Politics and Government launches to deplore liberty.

Monetary Reform

In his column, Heritage Foundation’s Dr. Norbert Michel places the establishment of a monetary commission as the lead item of his calls for Congressional action.

Amity Schlaes in on Jim Grant… and Jacques Rueff

Grant introduces us to Rueff’s Law, the theory of French economist Jacques Rueff ….. “The astonishing thing is not that this relationship exists,” wrote Rueff, “but that it should astonish anyone.”

MinnPost features outgoing Minneapolis Fed President Kocherlakota’s take on the hostest controversy in monetary policy, rules vs. discretion.

At, Ralph Benko asks Will Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or Ben Carson Initiate A $100 Billion Tax Cut?

Former RBI deputy governor S.S. Tarpoare in the Hindu Business Line
You just can’t beat gold!

CNBC reports the Fed wasn’t impressed with the jobs numbers.

In the Telegraph, How the Bank of England abandoned the gold standard.

On Biz, Steve Forbes says the Fed is a bigger threat than oil prices.

In, Selgin’s latest tour de force, something nice about Austrians.