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Politics and Government

In the Washington Post, Stephen Moore discusses the legacy of the Laffer Curve 40 years later. 

In the NYT, Justin Wolfers details the big unknowns in the U.S. economy.

Many commentators assume that a healthy economy grows at an annual rate of at least 3 percent. Yet economic growth in the United States has averaged only 1.9 percent since 2000.


Paraphrasing Robert Frost, gold standard nemesis Paul Krugman befuddles with a declaration, “Nothing Non-Gold Can Stay”

IMF sounds the alarm after Russian bank bailout — On CNBC, former IMF board member Douglas Rediker says Russia is not the tip of contagion crisis. Writes the falling ruble is linked not only to sanctions but to the oil price. 

At Cato, Stephen Hanke writes bankers are the targets of a witch hunt. 

Vladimir Signorelli in the Boston Globe, warns the falling ruble threatens Putin’s “home town hero” status.

Reuters covers the Fed’s bond-buying purchases using the principal payments form debt. 

In the WSJ, Toko Sekiguchi reports Prime Minister Abe has approved another multi-billion dollar stimulus package. 

At TGSN, Ralph Benko presents part 3 of his interview with Professor Brian Domitrovic.