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Politics and Government

From, John Tamny praises Diane Coyle’s book GDP: A Brief But Affectionate History.

At National Review Online, Larry Kudlow calls for reclaiming Reagan’s economic message.

From National Review, Stephen Moore warns Obama’s new EPA regulations could tank the economy.

Monetary Reform

At The Daily Signal, Natalie Johnson, reporting on the Kemp Forum/ APIA Capitol presentation on Jack Kemp’s Gold Standard Act of 1984, asks whether the gold standard is making a comeback.

Fox Business details Steve Forbes’ gold fix for the economy.

From, Jeffrey Dorfman says middle class jobs are disappearing and the Fed is to blame.

In The WSJ, Justin Lahart believes the Fed is playing with fire on jobs.

At TGSN, Kathleen Packard analyzes what Narenda Modi’s election means for India’s economy.


In Investors Business Daily, Stephen Moore writes Sean Hannity has become another New York tax refugee.