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Politics and Government

From, Steve Forbes praises the Commerce Department’s decision to provide gross output numbers on a quarterly basis; at Town Hall Mark Skousen calls this a victory for supply-side economics.

At, John Tamny wonders if global warming alarmists Shane Smith and Bill Maher are moving to Texas.

Larry Kudlow signs off CNBC with a salute to freedom and faith.

Monetary Reform

Steve Forbes endorses the Centennial Monetary Commission in Forbes Magazine.

Ralph Benko discusses TGSN’s recent nomination for nonprofit “Blogger of the Year” by the National Bloggers Club.

From Bloomberg View, Barry Ritholtz shows the real price of gold adjusted for inflation, notes that the last time we saw a comparable spike in price was in the aftermath of Nixon’s decision to abandon gold.

Regulatory Reform

At, Clyde Wayne Crews praises Senator Rubio’s  “National Regulatory Budget Act.”


At Indy Star, Tony Cook reports Governor Mike Pence signs business tax cuts into law, makes Indiana’s corporate tax rate the second lowest in the country.

In USA Today, Elaine Povich reports states are pursuing tax cuts, details infighting between Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo.

At International Liberty, Dan Mitchell writes from France to New Jersey, high tax rates are economic poison.


IMF to impose draconian austerity on Ukraine?