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Politics and Government

At, John Tamny writes Mitt Romney simply doesn’t get it, and shouldn’t run for President.

Romney’s China commentary was a strong signal that he preferred a weaker dollar.  The latter had eviscerated the paychecks of Americans during the Bush and Obama presidencies, had made staples like gasoline much more expensive, and for crushing investment returns, had made job opportunities far less plentiful

From ATR, Ryan Ellis covers President Obama’s proposed $320 billion tax increase.

Monetary Reform

From AP, Switzerland stuns currency markets by giving up euro peg.

At the Carl Menger Center, Paul-Martin Foss weighs in on Switzerland ditching the peg.

In the WSJ, Justin Lahart reports the midyear rate hike looks increasingly unlikely.

At 247 Wall Street, Jon Ogg writes market signals predict the Fed’s interest rate hike has been pushed further out.

On CNBC, Scott Shellady believes the Fed will launch more stimulus in 2015.

What I see is an economy with record low 30-year interest rates. We can’t kick-start our housing market. We spent over $3 trillion of the balance sheet to buy 2.5 percent growth.”

The NY Sun details the profits of the Fed.

At Cato, Steve Hanke argues the ruble should be tethered to the dollar.


On Fox News, Stephen Moore says ‘Fire the IRS!’