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Politics and Government

From, John Tamny encourages President Obama to play more golf, spend less time attacking business.

At National Review, Larry Kudlow asks where is the GOP’s pro-growth plan?

Monetary Reform

From, Brian Domitrovic explains how the weak dollar has led to the dislocation of workers, poor economic growth.

At Yahoo News, Michael Flaherty reports the House Financial Services Committee approved a bill to force the Fed to follow a rule.

Reuters reports the Fed has been forced to acknowledge rising inflation.

Fed’s Fisher, Plosser push for an earlier interest rate hike. 

The WSJ writes near-zero interest rates haven’t led to economic growth.

At Vox, Danielle Kurtzleben says Janet Yellen doesn’t want you to get too big of a raise, the Fed is willing to let workers take a hit on inflation.

From, William Baldwin covers the government’s assault on retirees.

Middle Class Squeeze

Bacon prices have hit another all-time high. 


At National Review, Stephen Moore writes our growing balance sheet is leading us down the same path as Argentina.

From International Liberty, Dan Mitchell discusses some of the horror stories of government run healthcare.