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Politics and Government

In National Review, Stephen Moore addresses President Obama’s $2 trillion growth gap.

From IDB, Stephen Moore says American’s need to wake up to the green movement’s radicalism.

At National Review, Larry Kudlow believes the latest jobs report is no game-changer.

Monetary Reform

CS Monitor writes the Fed is powerful but not free of mistakes.

From The NY Post, Sheila Mullan speculates that China may be nixing Fed taper results.

At TGSN, Kathleen Packard discusses the impact of Japan’s recent tax hikes.


In James Carter attacks crazy US corporate tax policy for driving capital and whole companies, not just jobs, overseas.

At National Review, Amity Shlaes warns of the next big tax hike, the social security cap.

Regulatory Reform

In, John Tamny says that Keystone proponents aren’t making their strongest arguments.