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Politics and Government

John Tamny explains Why Ron Wyden Is Right On The Corporate Tax For the Wrong Reasons.

Larry Lessig publishes the Field Guide to Lesterland explaining why optional public financing of federal elections is a necessity for restoring integrity to government.

From, Brian Domitrovic writes as the Obama era ages, scapegoating mounts.

At Businessweek, Matthew Philips says U.S. economic growth may have turned negative in the first quarter.

In, Steve Denning believes the economy needs a cambrian explosion of entrepreneurship.

From, Bob McTeer states productivity has plunged in the U.S. economy.

In Reuters, Martin Dokoupil reports U.S. economic strength may not be clear for months.

Monetary Reform

In The WSJ, Asa Fitch reports “reverse repos” have become another tool for the Federal Reserve.

On USA Today, Fredreka Schouten writes Feds approve bitcoin campaign contributions.

The Middle Class Squeeze

Hourly Workers Earning Less Now than Before Recession, Report Says

Rising Market Prices Could Increase Your Energy Bill

Rising Coffee Prices Will Likely Hurt Keurig Green Mountain More Than Starbucks

Rising Milk Prices Shrink Profits for Dean Foods, U.S. Retailers


At Town Hall, Guy Benson warns more Obamacare cancellations and premium hikes are on the way.